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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Speaking with the ladies of Broad Topics in LA & more...

My radio interview with the ladies of "Broad Topics" from LA Talk Radio. We chatted about Facebook...the good, the bad, and the most juicy topics coming straight from social networking:

I've been very fortunate in the last week or so to chat with many radio hosts across the country...I wanted to sincerely thank them for speaking with me about, with just one click, and the current headlines revolving around social media.

I'd also like to thank Samantha over at Chick Lit Plus... I'm so excited for my blog tour that is coming up in July!  If you enjoy chick lit books, she has great recommendations and reviews on so many interesting and entertaining books!


***The timing is ironic that I'm promoting a book about relationships/friendships on social networking and there is so much in the news currently about this same topic.  With seven hundred plus users on Facebook and not many rules to adhere to, people navigating through social media are left to their own devices.  I think this highlights the fact that this topic is so timely, because we are trying to figure out what all this social media really means...the good and the bad.

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