a writer who believes in writing what you know ... a woman who's proud to be called "mom" ... a wife who has met her match ... a friend who can listen over a cup of coffee and shop for the best deal ... a television enthusiast who secretly watches reality shows (like everyone else)


with just one click, is amanda strong's debut novel about friendship, love, and betrayal in the world of social networking.

Reluctance was matched with a pit in my stomach; once I joined, anyone could randomly find me… did I really want to be found?”  Chloe, a successful movie reviewer and serial dater finds herself added as a friend by her first love. The one who left her at seventeen standing with a note in her hand as he simply walked away. Will she allow herself to open old wounds? 

“My mind traveled to a foreign place…would EJ ever have an affair?” Morgan, a loyal stay-at-home mom and wife, discovers one of her husband's friends is his very single and flirtatious ex-girlfriend from high school. Will obsession and jealousy tear her solid marriage apart when she hunts for the truth?

“Sweaty palms and a twinge in my stomach…an obvious sign of remorse for re-opening the line of communication with an ex.” Brynn, a lonely forty year-old living with her two distant teenage children and workaholic husband, fights temptation while revisiting the past with one of herfriends. Will her deception destroy her family?

Three lives changed forever with just one click. Confirming a friend isn’t as simple as it seems … but do these women have more in common than just Facebook?