a writer who believes in writing what you know ... a woman who's proud to be called "mom" ... a wife who has met her match ... a friend who can listen over a cup of coffee and shop for the best deal ... a television enthusiast who secretly watches reality shows (like everyone else)

in amanda's words

Ever since I was a little girl, writing has always  
been a part of me. I remember back to my first
short story I wrote when I was six years-old,
 Mr. Hats. My "masterpiece" was only six or                            
seven pages,and was illustrated by me, the first 
and only time I attempted to draw anything. I 
realized putting pen to paper, or pencil and 
crayon to paper in that instance, made my 
words come to life. I'm constantly reminded of
this fact by my two small children when they
pull out good old, Mr. Hats, from the bookshelf
and want to read mommy's story.  

I grew up in Massachusetts, the youngest of three
daughters. Through my adolescence, I enjoyed 
the irony of F. Scott Fitzgerald's, The Great Gatsby,
and the character-driven plot of Shakespeare's, 
Romeo and Juliet. To this day, romance and drama
influence my writing style.  Narrating in first
person is the most natural for me ... I can't help 
myself, I believe a story is only as good as the 

After graduating from Ithaca College, I focused my
attention on our small business and placed writing
on the back shelf indefinitely until I realized the 
stories never left, just the action of translating my
thoughts to paper.  I began to write again ... whenever
I had a free moment, mainly in the late-night hours 
when my children and husband were fast asleep. My
new novel, with just one click, was created with 
passion and dedication ... a testament that it's never 
too late to follow your dreams.  I currently reside 
outside the Boston area with my husband and two children.