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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


From the Paramus Post...

With Just One Click...,

Cupid is poised and ready to take aim but what happens if he hits you with a boomerang? Instead of a new love setting hearts on fire, it’s an old flame trying to rekindle the romance.

Perfect for February is the new book, With Just One Click..., by critically acclaimed author Amanda Strong. When three women receive friend requests via FaceBook by their ex’s, their worlds are turned upside down. Chloe Brennan receives a friend request from an ex she hasn’t seen for 17 years. Morgan and EJ Davis have a solid marriage but jealousy creeps in when EJ is friended by his sexy ex. Brynn Haggerty is an unhappy wife and mother until she begins to find the time and attention she’s been missing through an online relationship with her ex.
Insightful and controversial, With Just One Click explores:
• Facebook’s role as a pimp – Is it providing tools for its users to cheat?
• The hidden dangers of FB
• How social media has changed the way we communicate
• The hallmarks of cyber-relationships – texting, emailing, and posting
• Today’s Pandora’s Box of social media
“Just remember,” says Strong, “while the lure of an old flame is enticing, sometimes it’s best to know when to step aside and let Cupid’s arrow miss its mark!”

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