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Friday, April 15, 2011

Self-Publishing and the RISK...

Self publishing is a whole new world to me...I'm flying solo, learning as I go...you might ask why I chose this form of publishing instead of the traditional way...well, I surprised myself when I took on this uphill battle.   When I was writing, with just one click, I had every intention of submitting the manuscript to literary agents...during that process, someone had mentioned Lulu.com. I stored the information in the back of my head with no real intentions of looking into the self publishing world.

Now, what happened next is sort of  one of those moments where you rethink EVERYTHING and wonder if somehow this isn't a mistake. Before submitting the book to agents, I decided to use Lulu's services, mainly paying for an editorial analysis for a professional opinion.  I researched on how much the service would cost, and when I finally went to purchase the analysis...my computer wouldn't let me.  Literally, the button where I could choose to add the service to my cart was NOT there.  I emailed Lulu and they started looking into it...a day went by, I'd check and still nothing.  Two or three days went by and then it happened...I started rethinking my options.

 I took this delay as a sign....at that moment, I CHOSE to self publish.  Now, I didn't choose this lightly, but once I made the decision, I was at peace and only looked forward.  Being serious about the book, I chose to purchase a pre-publishing package with Lulu that included an editorial analysis, a full edit, and professional help with the front & back covers.  And from then on, I forged ahead with reviewing over hundreds and hundreds of photos on Fotolia.com (a royalty free photo website) for the cover. (I even used some photos from this site when I created my book trailer!)  The process went extremely well, and I felt like I was dealing with real professionals when I received the analysis, edit, and layout of the covers. I took this entire process seriously...so much so, I opted for a publicity package offered through Lulu-I will be working with Smith publicity on a three month campaign once the book hits Amazon(any day now!)

I know some people hear self-publishing and think, "Oh, you couldn't get a publisher so you resorted to publishing your book anyways...even though it probably got rejected by the REAL professionals. If your book was worthy of publishing than a literary agent would've wanted to take you on as a client."


Are those authors not to be taken seriously too?  Stereotyping and grouping a whole community with a "not-worthy" title just because they didn't follow a traditional path doesn't seem right to me. That's like saying, all authors who are tied to traditional publishing are legitimate and automatically worthy of a readers time. What about judging the actual contents instead of how the novel was published?

My reasons for self publishing was about TIME...with just one click is a current novel that surrounds Facebook and social networking...if I began to submit the novel to literary agents the process could've taken six to eight months...and that's just to get an agent.  I felt very strongly this novel needed to be available sooner than later... this doesn't mean I don't see myself one day in a traditional publishing situation...just not at this very moment.

I am taking a HUGE risk...but in an ideal world, I self publish the book, and do everything possible to give this book a chance (and with a bit of luck, my efforts may payoff.) What's life without taking risks? I feel like I'm up for the challenge!

I have to be, "ALL IN," to even have a chance for the publishing world and readers out there to take me seriously, especially coming out of the gate for the first time. As the author, if I'm not excited and passionate about the book, why would anyone else be?? That's why for me, I NEED to know at the end of the day, regardless of what happens, I did everything I could possibly do for the book and for myself as an author.

Self publishing is definitely an uphill battle, a risk that can only be described as a roller coaster, everything falls to me, the author. Are there times I say, "what am I doing?" Of course, especially when I'm doing things now that were foreign to me up until a few months ago. BUT I don't second guess my decision to self publish. How could I when I'm just in the beginning of a long journey? I liken this process to running a small business ... there are long hours, the commitment has to be there, it may take awhile for your effort to be recognized, there will be criticism, and you have to hope for the BEST!

Share your thoughts about self publishing and traditional publishing with me... How do you select the books you read?


  1. Hi Amanda! This is great! I just saw a tweet from "chicklitplus" about you. So I came to your site! I'm so happy for you. My debut novel will be available in 2 weeks and I'm so excited! (I'm self pubbing, too:) ) I looked for you on twitter but did not find you. Are you on twitter?

    Do you ever go to Kindle Boards Writer's Cafe? Great support and encouragement there.

    I see you have your book in hardback! That's awesome! Did you order your hardback from Lulu, as well? I'll be ordering print books in a few months after my trilogy is completed for a fun book signing party!

    I'd love to stay in touch with you! I'm currently in the process of creating a community of chick-lit indie authors/readers. Let me know if you'd be interested in joining! :)

    Best wishes to you!

  2. Oh, and just purchased "With Just one Click" with just one click on amazon :)


  3. HI Lacey,
    Thanks so much for the support--I'd love to buy you're book when it comes out--sounds really interesting! I saw you found me on Twitter-and I would love to be added to your list of authors.

    I did have Lulu do the hardcover...it's great to have, but because of the length of my book, not so economical for readers.

    I haven't checked that particular Kindle Board out yet--but will see what it's about-thanks for the suggestion!

    If you need any thing, please let me know. I know the process of self publishing can be stressful and overwhelming at times, because the decisions fall all on you.

    Wish you all the best in the coming weeks, and look forward to seeing the finished product!